Yamato SKUV20 2.5R

Rolling of spheres, Curved Surfaces, Radiuses

This tool is used for rolling curved surfaces in general, from spheres to radiuses, to increase fatigue resistance and eliminate potential stress points that could lead to breakage.

The roller has a standard radius of 2.5mm but can be provided with a different radius upon request.
The SKUV20 2.5R can be used at an angle (30°, 45°, 60°, etc.) or at 90°. The roller arm can be rotated or installed at different height settings on the body.

A compact-sized model is also available for use on sliding head swiss lathes. When used at an angle, such as at 45°, it can perform rolling on the cylindrical part, fillet radius, and the face all in a single pass.
It is also available in a smaller SRHV version for use on mobile sliding head swiss lathes or in a SKUV30 version for deep rolling applications.