Do you need to mark your mechanical components?
From today, you can do it directly within your CNC machine, easily, economically, and quickly!
If you work in a mechanical manufacturing department, you know that sometimes you need to perform markings to trace your product in the industrial supply chain or simply to imprint your logo. Often, many operators use an engraving mill with veru little diameter.

The engraving mill can breaks constantly because, besides being delicate, many machines do not have the capability to operate at high speeds. This is the cause of non-compliant batches because they lack marking and machine downtime.

Yamaki-Pen (Scratch Marker)
For this reason, YAMATO has developed the most compact scratch marker available on the market, the YAMAKI-PEN.

The punch, made of hard metal, has an axial compensation of up to 5mm, allowing it to mark materials with slight rough, irregular, and curved surfaces with a hardness of up to 62HRC.

Here are some of the key technical features of this small but powerful tool:

  • The marking depth can be easily adjusted using the pressure adjustment screw on the tool body.
  • The hard metal punch is virtually wear-free and can be easily replaced.
  • Short marking time thanks to high feed rates, up to over 5,000 mm/min.
  • Suitable for universal use (Weldon shank 12mm).
  • Can be used on both lathes and machining centers.
  • This mini marker can save you time and money by performing high-quality markings.

If you want to see it in action with your own eyes and touch it firsthand, request a quote now!  The test is free!