SKUV30 – Yamato Deep Rolling

SKUV30 – Deep Rolling Robuto

SKUV30 has been engineered for Deep Rolling applications on surfaces and radiuses of highly stressed work-pieces such as
•    transport axles,
•    train axles,
•    transmission shafts,
•    propeller shafts,
•    turbine shafts, etc.

SKUV30 can give 10KN of pressure with 90° shank and over 5KN of pressure with 45° inclined shank with an extremely long life and reliability of both the roll and the internal mechanism.
Improvements of the mechanical resistance from the compression residual surface stresses include:

•    Increase of surface hardness
•    Lower surface Ra
•    Elimination of stress factors, corrosion, cracks
•    Increased corrosion resistance
•    Elimination of working signs, scratches, porosity
•    Less Friction
•    Less noise levels