Yamaki-H Coolant Driven – Micro Percussion

Coolant Driven Needle

  • The hydraulic marking tool works on the principle of dot peening.

  • The carbide needle starts to oscillate as soon as the coolant system is activated.

  • It makes deeper markings than pneumatic marking tools, because
    high power-pressurized coolant is used.
  • Thanks to the high frequency of strokes generated by the turbine system inside the tool, the marked text/shape appears as a contunious line.
  • All stainless steel body and components.

  • Tool can be used on machining centres, CNC lathes, etc. (no additional installations required)

  • The spindle of the machine does not need to be rotated.


  • The marking needle oscillates with min. coolant pressure of 10 bar supplied from the internal cooling system of the machine.
  • Max working pressure is 50 bar.
  • Marking depth can be adjusted easily by the pressure adjustment screw on the tool.

  • Needle has 5 mm axial compensation capability.

  • Possono essere marcate superfici irregolari o curve.
  • Il punzone in metallo duro è praticamente senza usura.
    Può essere sostituito con semplicità.
  • Possono essere marcati tutti i materiali fino a 62 HRC.
  • Feeds more than 5‘000 mm/min are possible.