Flexible deburring toolflexible deburring tool for undefined edges

  • Tool spindle is held in a central position by an adjustable pre-tensioned spring mechanism.
  • Tool spindle moves radially when a lateral force is applied because of the undefined edges
    of the workpiece.
  • Deburring force remains constant even with largest spindle deflections. This results to
    obtain uniform chamfer geometry
  • Tool can be used on machining centers, automatic lathes etc.
  • Max spindle deflection is 7°. Deflection amount on the burr tip can be up to 20 mm
    depending on the burr used.

The gripping range of the collet is ø0.6 to ø7mm for ER11.

  • SPINDLE SPEED 3.000~8.000 rpm
  • FEED : 2000-4000 mm/min

Included Accessories:
– ER11 6mm collet -ERM11 nut -ERM11 spanner